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iEMS 96 well Microplate Reader
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Best temperature controlled and affordable growth curves Reader available!
Spectral Range 340-750nm to include upper and lower temperature controlled clamshell plates provide built-in temperature control and prevent plate condensation.  With shaking capabilities and wide measurement range of up to 4.000 OD makes it an ideal instrument for Microbiological studies top provide growth curves output.
It is a whole workstation with incubator, shaker, turbidity reader all in one instrument. With iEMS Reader, any micro-organism can be grown in any liquid growth medium and with any chemical by using user created test protocols on MS Excel. Additionally, the test length may vary from a single measurement to millions of reads.

iEMS is a computer-controlled incubator/reader/ shaker equipped with 8 filters from 340nm to 750nm including a wide band filter. It is a sensitive reader that measures turbidity.  Includes the linear shaker to assure good mixing in each well. The test length can be set from one single measurement to millions of reads.

Iems makes it possible to complete as many tests in just a few weeks as would normally take a year using traditional microbiological techniques.The instrument includes an incubator to provide constant temperature and a linear shaker to assure good mixing. The instrument is equipped with a sensitive reader that measures turbidity, a technique more sensitive than a spectrophotometer. The reader is equipped with 8 filters to measure specific wavelengths and turbidometric measurements are made kinetically during the course of the run. This information is processed to generate microbiological growth curves, plotting turbidity vs. time. Data is exported to a PC (to MS Excel) for report generation. Operation range via PC Spectrosoft.

Includes NIST (National Institutes Standards & Technology) performance documented with a calibrated and certified verification plate for plate alignment, linearity, filter installation, optical channel matching to ensure consistent results across all reading channels and photometric accuracy. Three year warranty turnkey system.  100-240 V. Can easily reset to 220 Voltage.

wavelengths of filters 8 position filter wheel with installed filters:
340, 405, 414, 450, 492, 540, 600, 690nm
wavelength accuracy 2nm stand alone, 1nm with PC software
wavelength range 340-750nm
linearity 0...4.000 A max. dev. less than 2%
0...3.000 A at 340 nm and 620 nm
dynamic range 0.000 A ... 6.000 A
resolution 0.001 A
accuracy 1% or 0.002 A, whichever is greater (0...2.000 A), 2% (2.000...3.000 A)
precision CV<0.2% or 0.002A, whichever is greater (0...3.000A)
CV<1.0% at 4.000A
Measurement speed 6 seconds on 96 well plate
  Instrument Description


iEMS Reader


NIST Plate


Spectrosoft PC Software
via interface connections RS 232 serial & parallel port

Instrument and MTX history, iEMS Reader:
The history of the Microplate Reader began with Labsystems in 1982, many other Microplate Readers were developed and have been continued by the Finnish company Labsystems Oy (now ThermoFisher). ThermoFisher purchased Labsystems in 1990's.

Starting off as a mutagenity / carcinogenity testing system, it soon became clear that these instruments would be a very useful tool for automating routine microbiology and was optimized for microbiology growth experiments. Key components included:

* Absorption photometer to measure turbidometry
* Accurate incubator to control bacterial growth (patented by EFLAB, 1982)
* Is a unique cuvette providing even temperature distribution

Labsystems began promoting iEMS Readers, iEMS Shakers, Bioscreen C, Fluoroskan I and Multiskan.

Biosceen was one of the systems designed for automating routine microbiology work. This system was retired by Thermo Fisher in 2005 due to its unavailability, and high cost of plates (over $1,000 for 100 of the 200 well plates!) and outdated PC software. 

iEMS 96 well Microplate Reader uses the same patented “clam shells” and common 96 well lates have brought the cost down tremendously for our researchers, they even look the same!  Same colors, same parts manufactured by the same factory in Finland, distributed worldwide since 1990’s and with the same 3 year warranty, the Iems 96 Well Microplate Reader is a computer-controlled incubator/reader/ shaker equipped with 8 filters from 340nm to 600nm including a wide band filter. It has a sensitive reader that measures turbidity, a technique very sensitive. It also includes a linear shaker to assure good mixing in each well. The test length can be set from one single measurement to up to and beyond millions of reads.

Its unique patented incubator system (“clam shell”) features temperature control maintaining the set temperature with a 0,1 degree centigrade accuracy, while avoiding condensation of liquid on the inside of the 96 well microplate lid. It can cool down the samples 6 degrees centigrade below the ambient temperature and its working range is from 1 to 60 degrees in steps of 0,1 degree centigrade.

There are today over 800 iEMS AND Bioscreens Readers being used in microbiology laboratories all around the world with this same "clam shell" technique and MTX Lab Systems, Inc. have sold and serviced them since 1990!  

During the past 29 years (1982), millions of Readers such as Bioscreen C, iEMS Readers, Multiskan, Fluoroskan, Luminoskan, Multidrop have been sold worldwide. MTX Lab Systems, Inc. has been in the forefront, with its factory trained technicians, Microplate Instrument support and have sold and serviced every one of these model instruments since 1982, longer than any other Company in the world!