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Remanufactured Process:

Remanufacturing consists of turning a previously owned instrument into a virtually like new product with a new product warranty and performance certification and NIST documentation.  Do not confuse "refurbishing" with remanufacturing.  MTX does not refurbish any instruments ever.  Our first quality remanufacturing process takes several days as opposed to wiping down an instrument and calling it Like New Refurbished.

Many of our select instruments, that become remanufactured, are actually instruments we have previously sold new to customers which we have serviced and supported exclusively over many years.  We have a history on each instrument that our customers purchase so we can support instruments endlessly, economically and without effort.

All MTX remanufactured instruments go through a very selective process to determine which previously owned instruments are worthy of turning into new instruments.  Remanufacturing consists of completely disassembling an instrument along with all of its sub assemblies including circuit boards, optic assemblies (if applicable), and drive components.  All fasteners are discarded along with all lamps, belts, filters, motors, printers, foot pads, gaskets, o-rings, seals along with any other pertinent components which have been deemed in the past to be failure prone items. 

After an instrument has been completely stripped down to its bare parts, the chassis, top covers and all housings are stripped of any and all grease, contamination, paint and oxidation.  The instrument is then re-coated, to a factory like new surface both inside and out.  Once the paint/coatings have hardened, the instrument is reassembled just like a new instrument with all new Stainless Steel metric fasteners, new gaskets, lens, filters, drive belts, printers, lamps, etc.

After  the instrument is reassembled, it goes through a complete optical, electronic and mechanical recalibration and thoroughly tested on our quality control computer using our Spectrosoft instrument test program which exercises the instrument endlessly for a minimum of 24 hours.  The instrument is then put in an environmental test chamber and run overnight.  It is then retested, rechecked for calibration and accuracy and finally packages in our exclusive foam end cap boxes ready for shipment.  Our remanufactured instrument are flawless, they look identical, if not better, than a brand new instrument.  You can not tell that an MTX remanufactured instrument was previously owned and the value and quality is superb! 
Instruments that we have remanufactured last
3-10+ years beyond purchase and warranty. 
The initial warranty cannot be beat! We also offer ongoing service contracts and have supported Microplate instruments since 1982.