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BMG POLARstar Fluorescence, FI, TRF, FP, Absorbance and Luminescence Microplate Reader
Equipped with UV-VIS Fluorescence and Absorbance Reader
 for top- and bottom- read assays


Measurement principles for the wide range of applications

The POLARstar is a fully automated microplate based multi-detection reader which incorporates different measurement principles:

               • Fluorescence
               • Time-Resolved Fluorescence
               • Absorbance

It is designed for the widest possible range of non-radioactive labeled applications:

• Ca2+ Measurements (e.g. Ca2+ Flux with Fura-2 or Indo-1)
• Enzyme Activity
• Cell Toxicity, Proliferation and Viability
• ATP Quantification
• Immunoassays

By integrating a high intensity xenon flash lamp and liquid light guide technology, the Polarstar can cover the wavelength range from 250 to 740 nm. The Polarstar can read all plate formats from 6- up to 384-well plates in all 4 measurement modes and 1536-well plate reading is possible in both fluorescence and time-resolved mode. The versatile optical system allows instant switching from top to bottom reading.



Temperature-regulated heating plates above and below the entire plate movement area provide uniform incubation up to 45°C.

Endpoint, slow and fast kinetic measurements

Kinetic applications can be defined, with interval times from 100 ms to several hours. In addition, there is the possibility to measure where it is important in a kinetic study.

Multi-color detection

The fast filter wheels and the ability to define up to 8 sets of filter, each with individual gain and measurement timing parameters, allow analysis of multiple fluorophores in a single well (FRET, dual-emission, DNA-detection).

Technical Specifications

Measurement Principles

Time-Resolved Fluorescence

Light Source

High-energy xenon flash lamp


Side window, current type photomultiplier tube


Two filter wheels for 8 filters each with your choice of 2 filter pairs

Gain Control

Automatic gain adjustment

Fluorescence Polarization

<5 mP standard deviation at 1 nm fluorescein

Fluorescence Intensity

Limit of detection: 0.9 fmol / well fluorescein
calculated according to the IUPAC standard: 3(SDblank)/slope

Time-Resolved Fluorescence

Limit of detection: 50 amol/well europium
calculated according to the IUPAC standard: 3(SDblank)/slope


Dynamic range: 0.000-3.000 OD
Reproducibility: 0.010 OD for 0-2 OD range

Microplate Formats

up to 384 and Fluorescence intensity and time-resolved fluorescence up to 1536

Reading Time

Depends on test definition
shortest reading time: 15 s for 96-well plate, 30 s for 384-well plate and 60 s for 1536-well plate


Incubation range from ambient +5 °C to 45 °C (option: 60 °C)
Temperature stability 0.2 °C
Temperature gradient < 0.5 °C

Reagent Injectors

Up to 2 built-in syringe pumps with direct measurement access includes:
Variable injection speed
Individual volumes for each well
Four injection events per well
Reagent back flushing


Orbital or linear shaking, user definable time and amplitude

Dimensions/Weight LxWxH: 48 x 44 x 27 cm; weight 28 kg
Interface connections RS 232 serial & parallel port
Catalog # P21010 FLUORstar Model Remanufactured
Catalog # P21012 FLUORstar Model Upgraded Remanufactured
Catalog # P21004 FLUORstar Galaxy with 2 injectors Remanufactured
Catalog # P21006 POLARstar Model Remanufactured
Catalog # P21009 POLARstar Galaxy Model Remanufactured
Catalog # P21007 POLARstar Model with 2 injectors Remanufactured
Catalog # P21005 NOVOstar Model Remanufactured

Warranty information:

Comes complete with line cord,  NIST documentation and certification, 15 month warranty and six days a week technical support.  

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