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Perkin Elmer Victor 2 Multi-function Fluorescence, Absorbance and Luminescence Microplate Reader
Equipped with Fluorescence and Absorbance Reader
 for top- and bottom- read assays

Instrument Description and Capabilities:

VICTOR 2 multi-task plate reader designed to support the demands of industrial and academic laboratories for multiple assay technologies on a single platform.   Top of the line plate readers for fluorescence,  luminescence, and absorbance measurements with temperature control.

The 1420 is an all in one reader plate reader capable of reading Luminescence, Fluorescence, and Absorbance readings. With a complete platform for quantitative detection of Light-emitting or light-absorbing markers, this system is suitable for high sensitivity fluorescence, flash or glow luminescence, flash absorbance and photometry. VICTOR 2 allows immediate access to more than 10 counting modes, covering all of the main nonradioactive counting technologies.

VICTOR 2 accepts all types of microtitration plates with between 1 and 864  wells, as well as Petri dishes, slides, filters and Terasaki plates.

This model include scanning, shaking and kinetics modules to support individual applications in cell or molecular biology, binding studies, environmental and food testing, toxicology and drug screening.

Performing the work of a fluorometer, a luminometer, fluorometer and a photometer, it provides a superior alternative to a whole series of mutually incompatible analytical instruments.

The VICTOR 2 multilabel counter with IR,  stacker (hoppers needed) and robot loading option for fluorescence,  luminescence and absorption measurements.


Fluorescence Range (400 – 850 nm)
• Dual ratio measurements
• Top down readings fluorescence
Luminescence features
• Glow luminescence
• Flash luminescence with injector only
• Dual luminescence

Photometry Range (400 – 800 nm)


Microwell Plates 1-864 wells (luminescence up to 384 wells)
Scanning over wells and kinetics Yes, included with PC software
Shaking features Linear, orbital or double orbital
Temperature Control 15-37º C
Absorbance Filters in an 8 place filter wheel Installed 405, 450nm filters or choice
Fluorescence Filters in an 8 place filter wheel and interchangeable slide your choice of 2 filter pairs
Excitation Filters installed in an 8 place filter wheel or choice 2 pairs

355, 485nm or your choice of 2 pairs

Emission filters installed in 8 position filter slide or choice 2 pairs

460, 535nm or your choice of 2 pairs

Fluorometry standards specifications Filters are high quality with 15nm bandwidth
Fluorescein < 2 fmol/well
Linearity > 5 decades
Crosstalk < 0.0001
Umbelliferone < 200 fmol/well
Rhodamine < 100 fmol/well
Photometry standards specifications  
Measuring range @ 405 nm 0 – 2 A
Accuracy @ 405 nm < 2% or (0.01A)
Precision @ 405 nm < 0.5% or (0.01A)
Luminometry standards specifications  
Lower limit of detection < total flux of 105 photons/sec
ALP typically 1 amol/well with AMPPD substrate
ATP typically 80 amol/well in flash assays
Luciferase 0.9 pg/well using Genglow-100 or GeneLux
Ordering Information:  
Victor 2 stand alone Catalog #P97094 (3 in stock)
Victor 2 stand alone Catalog #P97095 (3 in stock)
Victor 2V with 2 injector modules Catalog #P97096 (1 in stock)
Victor 2V with 2 injector modules Catalog #P97093 (1 in stock)

Warranty information:

Comes complete with line cord, PC software NEW, NIST documentation and certification, 15 month warranty and six days a week technical support.  

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Several always in stock, recently serviced and documented in perfect condition.

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