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Packard Bioscience Discovery
High Throughput Screening System
Fluorescence TRF Microplate Reader
Equipped with UV-VIS Fluorescence 
 for top- and bottom- read assays


What the Instrument Does
The Discovery instrument is a high throughput screening device for drug discovery that uses HTRF assay method Homogeneous Time Resolved Fluorescence.  It handles microplate formats 96 and 384 wells, to provide flexibility and convenience for all High throughput screening, basic screening and Assay development. This instrument fires a nitrogen laser (337nm) at prepared samples and measures the amount of fluorescence at two unique wavelengths: 620nm and 665nm.

The assay components are labeled with two reagents: europium cryptate and XL665. Labeled assay compontents are mixed with test compounds and are then ready to load into Discovery. A laser beam is fired at each sample as the samples are read.  The light emission of both wavelengths are then measured. 

Light Emissions
The unbound cryptate reagent has a long-lived emission at 620nm.  The unbound XL665 reagent has a short lived emission at 665nm.  When the two reagents are in close proximity a non-radiative energy transfer occurs which results in a long-lived emission at 665nm.  The unique energy spectra of the europium cryptate and XL665 labels eliminates the need for separation and makes this technology homogeneous.  The ratio of the long-lived 665nm emission to the long-lived 620nm emission is a measure of the bound assay components to the free assay components.


  • Fluorescence (VIS range)
  • Homogeneous Time Resolved Fluorescence TRF
  • Fluorescence Intensity top and bottom capabilities FI
  • Temperature control and microplate-shaking included
  • 96 and 384 well plate capability

Warranty information:

Instrument comes with a 90 day warranty and six days a week technical support.    Easy operation with Packard Hologram and Discovery PC software, accurate and precision oriented reader.

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