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Thermo Fisher Scientific Nepheloskan Ascent
Nephelometer Reader/Analyzer
 2 year warranty from factory trained engineers


The Nepheloskan Ascent, the first-ever microplate nephelometer (1990's), combines the sensitivity of a nephelometer with the high throughput and economy of 96-well formats. Together with Ascent Software, Nepheloskan Ascent offers unlimited flexibility for research and for creating specific, easy-to-use procedures for routine lab tests. The onboard incubator contains two heating element plates in the measurement chamber, one heating element plate under the microplate and another above it.  Both heating element plates are temperature-controlled.  The upper plate is slightly warmer than the lower plate to avoid condensation on the possible plate lid. 

  • First-ever microplate nephelometer for particle measurements
  • Advanced optical system for unrivaled sensitivity
  • Ascent Software for assay optimization

Nepheloskan Ascent application areas:

  • Testing and development of pharmaceuticals
  • Measurements of antimicrobial effects
  • Bacterial growth (growth curves)
  • Development of growth medium
  • Quantitation of proteins
  • Quality control of processes
  • Solubility testing

Application areas:

Nepheloskan Ascent allows convenient testing of particles in 96 well microplate format for application such as drug solubility tests, quantitation of specific proteins and antibiotic sensitivity studies.

The incubator and adjustable orbital shaker provide an added advantage for studies of factors affecting the solubility of pharmaceuticals components as well as bacterial growth.

With the highly visual Ascent Software, the real-time kinetic curves of the assay can be followed.

Several samples can be run simultaneously, saving time compared with conventional methods. 

In general, the light scattering level of nephelometers and their sensitivity are studied by formazine suspension or latex beads, which are commercially available.  Along with better sensitivity of Nepheloskan Ascent compared with photometers, colors in a measurement medium do not interfere with the quantitation of particles in a liquid form.

The measurement chamber is large to adopt different plate formats and therefore extensive evaporation may cause some variations in the temperatures between the wells.  Consequently, when using incubations with extended periods of time in the instrument, a plate lid is recommended (lid has to be removed during measurement.)

Syringe volume 1000Ál.  Dead volume 600Ál,  Metal-free fluid path.

Technical Specifications:

Suggested Plate types: Sterile 96-well plate use with or without lids
Technical Specifications:

Light source: Quartz halogen lamp in stock
Detector: Photomultiplier tube
Spectral Response: 580 to 630nm
Measurement Angle: Approprixmate 30°
Measurement Speed: Depends on the measurement type, minimum 25 sec./plate. Acceleration and maximum speed are adjustable.
Integration Time: 20 to 1000 ms. Min. time 20 ms during which time the instrument sums 150 readings form the A/D converter.
Shaker: Orbital method, speed 60-1200 rpm, diameter 1-50 mm
Temperature Range: Ambient temperature +3ºC to +45ºC
Recommended assay volume 300µl per well
Injector Syringe (option) 1000Ál.  Dead volume 600Ál

P21034 Nepheloskan Ascent Reader/Analyzer (Several in stock)
P21035 Nepheloskan Ascent Reader/Analyzer with 1 injector