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Microplate Readers, Plate Washers, Liquid Dispensers

We began in 1982 handling service and support for Microplate Instruments for a large manufacturer. In 29 years, Larry Marcoux and Un Yuk Choi have serviced and sold probably almost 1.5 million Microplate instruments, and that has become a lifetime fulfilling life. We have shipped all over the world.

We can say, and are truly recognized as THE experts at this occupation. Larry and Choi head up the busy service/sales department, and they are proud to say they never met a Microplate Instrument they cannot service, repair, or validate which make our customers happy.  At this time when researchers are carefully considering their spending on service or purchasing a new instrument, it makes sense to consider all the aspects of service or a Microplate purchase.
If selling and servicing Microplate Instruments were easy, anyone could do it and we all could kick back and relax! But Readers and Plate Washers require full remanufacturing, new filters, new parts, new PC Software and NIST certification and support. Our customers see the value in this full service, and are happy and confident for 2-10 years after receiving their instrument from MTX Lab Systems, Inc. Along with remanufacturing the instruments, we painstakingly repaint every instrument, replace with all new filters, lamps and most parts. We can tell you that filters can be low quality, and they do go bad in a surprising fast time-your assay will tell you in a short time; that is only part of our extended warranty from 1-3 years. NIST certification and documentation is always included, and you can purchase your own NIST plate for ongoing certification or let us continue to do it.
Oh yes, we sell our own new and remanufactured products here in USA, have an onsite machine shop and carry 5,000 lamps, parts and PC Software available.

Remanufacturing with extended warranty at this competitive price saves aggravation and no questions along with your important accurate assays.
We are a phone call away, full sales and technical support for all of the products we sell and service and offer drop off or shipment to our facility in the DC area.  We will get you the right answer, fair price and satisfaction on any and all Microplate Instruments.

Outwardly it looks easy and safe to buy a used Microplate Reader based on price, but consider only MTX Lab Systems either manufactures products and accessories or remanufactures every instrument. We have over 1388 instruments in stock and have serviced and sold over 1.5 million since 1982!