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Dynex Technologies MLX 96 Well Plate Luminometer

The MLX, a highly sensitive microplate luminometer with on-board computer, uses the familiar Revelation software platform for data analysis and reporting. With excellent sensitivity, eight decades of dynamic range and a specially designed plate mask to minimize cross talk, the MLX Luminometer helps you produce consistent results plate-to-plate, day-to-day and instrument-to-instrument. This model comes with 0-3 positive displacement dispensers and temperature control to 45 *C. (as noted)~ Sensitivity: Alkaline phosphatase (10-21 moles) ~ Dynamic range: 0.0008 - 10,000 RLU ~ Linearity: R2 > 0.999 from 0.001 - 9900 RLU ~ Precision: Better than 1% from 0.3 - 9900 RLU ~ Cross talk: <2.5 x 10-5 from 0.0001 - 999.99 RLU. The MLX Microtiter Luminescence Detection System is highly sensitive and geared toward measuring luminescence in 96-well plates.

This instrument contains Revelation, Dynex's operating and data analysis software in Windows format. This luminometer features a broad temperature control range, from 5°-45°C.  Long Dynamic range at 8 decades 0.0008-10,000.  Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse not included. Software is contained on the hard drive.


Long Dynamic Range

  • 8 Decade
  • High, Medium, Low gain settings
  • Auto gain for Flash and Glow reactions

Light Sampling Rate - 100 Readings per Second

  • Highest resolution for flash reactions
  • Better reproducibility with more readings per user set time
  • Adjustable by User through software

Unique and Patented Mask Design

  • Part of plate carrier
  • Ensures minimal cross-talk
  • Self-adjustment of plate against mask using locking elevator

Photomultiplier Tube

  • Self-protected with shutter
  • Shutter creates a light tight environment enclosing the PMT and LED
  • Shutter allows calibration for dark current or electronic noise of the PMT

Internal LED

  • Allows calibration for drift, PMT ageing
  • Has photodiode to check light output


  • 0-3 Dispensers on Board
  • 500 µl total volume syringes
  • Simultaneous or sequential dispensing programmable
  • Inert, PEEK or PTFE materials only which reagents touch
  • Dark cover protection of fluids from light degradation
  • Expensive reagent recovery by programmable "back pedaling"

Information Exchange  

  • Files can be generated to send to Excel  

Temperature Control

  • Base plate is temperature controlled
  • Ambient plus 5°C - 45°C

Analytical Performance

  • Sensitivity
    > 10 fentomoles of alkaline phosphatese
    1 x 10-18 moles of aequorin
  • Precision
    >1% from 0.1 - 9900 RLU
  • Linearity
    r2>0.999 from 0.001 to 9900
  • Read Time
    30 seconds chemistry dependent
  • Cross Talk
    < 2.5 parts per 100,000

Flexible Operating Programs (Revelation Software)

  • Glow end-point
    Alkaline phosphatase dioxetane substrates
  • Flow Kinetic Multi-Cycle
  • Flash
  • Luciferase
  • Aequorins
  • Acridinium esters
  • Linked Assays
  • User designed processing routines

Data Reduction

  • Quantitative Analysis
    Flexible Templates, Multiple curve fits
    Multiple assays per plate, Any blanking
  • Qualitative Analysis
    Multiple ratios, differencing, spreadsheets, threshold screening

Assay Password Protection Assay Wizards

  • Intuitive guide to programming assay setups
  • Saves programming time
  • Ensures no important steps are forgotten

Quick Start Buttons

  • Press on button to start reading a plate
  • Efficient day-to-day use
  • Operator-to-operator same assay

Auto Save Data

  • Data saved automatically following plate read
  • Allocated sequential numbers for multiple plate reads
  • User recallable for calculation manipulations
  • Graphs also saved for recalculation later

    This model selling for $14,000 New from Dynex.
    User needs monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer.  Comes with 1 year warranty.
    MTX Lab systems, inc. supports instruments 3-5 years after sale.

Catalog # P300011

Dynex MLX Luminometer no dispensers
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Dynex MLX Luminometer 2 dispensers
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Dynex MLX Luminometer 3 dispensers
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Monitor, keyboard, mouse, cable and printer