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NEW Finstruments® 96 well washer and Cellwasher

Finstruments Multi-function, easy to use touch programmable display. Performs 3, 4 or 5 wash cycles with selectable soak time for all wash cycles up to 5 minutes. Vacuum delay adjustment to increase times between dispensing.  Precise dispense volumes using vernier controls provide greater accuracy and verification than other more complex digital types.  Full 96 well wash head with angled dispense cannula for gentle washing of cells.  Low priming fluid consumption <1Ml.  Residuals after aspiration are as low as 5μL per well, however the head aspirate height can be set to any level allowing a large residual volume of liquid to remain after washing.  Wash volumes can be set from 20-400μL.  No lag time between washes, a three cycle wash is as fast as 6 seconds! Vernier controls allow the operator to fine adjust the volume to compensate for different viscosities of different liquids as well as to fine adjust the vacuum delay of aspiration for time dependent assays.  Finstruments washer incorporates a two place plate carriage which is manually operated from either the left or the right side of the wash head.  This allows one plate to be in a wash cycle while another waits on the carrier.  This alternate plate handling promotes a more efficient method of washing.  Can be used with various 96 well plate types by adjusting height. Onboard pump provides gentle dispensing and agitation, perfect for cell washings which overcomes the limitations of gravity feed systems. Optional 4 or 10 liter reservoir(s) and external vacuum/pressure pump are necessary, click here to complete system. Excellent value, easy user maintenance.  Perfect for small labs and 220 voltage. Made in USA. New with one year warranty, with expected user use for +5 years. All connections are color coded for fast and easy user set up.

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Catalog #

Instrument Description/Price/# in stock


Finstruments® Washer/$4,125./266


Finstruments Washer/$4,225./266

Tecan PW 96 Well Full Head Plate Washer Remanufactured

Tecan PW 96Microprocessor controlled Washer with separate aspiration and dispensing canula.  This washer is great with all types of round and flat bottom 96 well microplates. Onboard software provides up to 20 user programmable files, called by name or number(s). Select up to 9 wash cycles per program, each cycle can be identical or different from the previous. There are 3 wash modes; normal, bottom wash and overflow washing.  Soak time between cycles can be set from 1 to 600 seconds.  Software adjustable Aspirating Speed.  Software selectable variable bottom stop position so that the aspirate canula do not touch the bottom of the wells.  Our complete system Includes an onboard pump, line cord and six day a week technical support.  These washers are in pristine condition completely remanufactured by MTX.  We provide a one year warranty which includes any parts and or labor.  The complete washer system with pressure/vacuum pump and 4-10 liter or higher reservoirs comes with color coded tubing as well as colored connections with fast and easy user set up.

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Catalog # Instrument Description/Price/# in stock
P67145 Tecan PW (12)
P67157 Tecan PW Complete with pump and reservoirs (12)

Finstrip 4 or Finstrip Strip Washer models Remanufactured

Finstrip 4Dispense volumes using fixed program cards, or switch card (Finstrip).  Plate Washer includes 8 or 12 way head,  one 2 liter waste and one 2 liter supply reservoir, onboard pump, 2 program cards (fixed at 300μL Finstrip 4), or one program switch card (Finstrip) 50-450μL featuring full plate wash or strip washing, soak time 30 sec.-5 min., pause 15 sec., 15 washes, volume dispensing 0-350μL, leave wet or dry, washlo or washhi, stepover/stepoff row, automatic shut down of pump after use. Turnkey system.  New and remanufactured models in stock. Perfected system, easy-to-use and very dependable.  Thousands sold since 1984, made in Finland! Unbeatable one year parts and labor warranty. All connections are color coded for fast and easy user set up.

For additional reservoirs, click here   See comparison here

Catalog # Instrument Description/Price/# in stock
P67104 NEW Finstrip with 12 and 8 Way Head (12)
P67106 Finstrip with 8 Way Head (12)
 P67107 Finstrip with 12 Way Head (12)
P67103 Finstrip 4 with 8 Way Head (8)

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