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Molecular Devices Spectramax Gemini Monochromatic
Fluorescence, TRF, FI Microplate Reader
Equipped with UV-VIS Fluorescence
 for top- and bottom- read assays

All new parts and full one year warranty


The Gemini spectrofluorometer allows for fast, high-sensitivity measurements. Cellular and molecular binding studies, DNA quantitation, drug screening, and SNP genotyping analysis all require a high degree of sensitivity. The Gemini system offers a flexible, filter-free environment allowing the determination of optimal excitation and emission settings in 1.0 nm increments providing the best level of sensitivity for variable assay conditions.
  • Fluorescence
  • Time Resolved Fluorescence TRF
  • Fluorescence Intensity top and bottom capabilities FI
  • Fluorescence Resonanace Energy Transfer FRET
  • Temperature control and microplate-shaking included
  • Adjustable bandwidth range
  • 6-384-well plate capability


    Cellular and molecular binding studies
    Nucleic acid quantitation
    Cytoxicity assays
    SNP genotype detection and molecular beacons
    Enzyme activity
    CatchPoint® cAMP Assay Kit


    Dual Monochromators — The right pair of excitation and emission wavelengths is always available because the dual monochromators allow the selection of any wavelength in 1 nm increments. New fluorophores can easily be evaluated without purchasing additional filters.
    Wavelength Scanning — The most sensitive results are achieved by using optimal excitation and emission wavelengths. Literature wavelengths are often based on results from wavelength-limited, filter-based readers. Wavelength scanning ensures that the most sensitive assay conditions are used.
    Well Scanning — Gemini can report a single point from the well center, or multiple data points from large well tissue culture plates. This provides high sensitivity for cell-based assays.


SoftMax Pro software

SoftMax Pro allows you to select excitation and emission values and simply input their values for the monochromator settings. You can easily scan both excitation and emission spectra and determine the optimal settings. 

Engineered for superior performance and reliability

Gemini dual monochromator design — an excitation monochromator (A) and emission monochromator (B) — allows user-defined variable wavelength settings.  Sending light through a movable scanning grating (D) which selects the desired excitation wavelength. The light is passed through 1 mm fiber optic bundles (E) to elliptical focusing mirrors (F) that maximize light collection efficiency for superior sensitivity and send the beam to a microplate well (G). If fluorescent molecules are present, the light of the emission wavelength is emitted back out to focusing mirrors (H) that direct the light through 4 mm fiber optic bundles (J) to the emission scanning grating (K). The desired wavelength of light is then detected by the photomultiplier tube, or PMT (L). The PMT passes the fluorescence signal through the Gemini’s electronics, creating the signals that result in data points collected by software.





Fluorescence photometric performance

Dual Monochromators 1 nm increment selection
EX Wavelength 250-850 nm
EM Wavelength 360-850 nm
Bandwidth (Excitation & Emission) 9 nm
Detection Limit (Signal 3X SD of Baseline) 2.0 fmol/well FITC 200 µL in 96 wells
Catalog # 6723117 Softmax Pro PC/MAC Software NEW, fully licensed via interface connections RS 232 serial & parallel port
Catalog # 6723119 SpectraTest ABS 1 validation package
Catalog # P97038 Fully remanufactured with one year warranty