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Full Plate Washers

NEW Finstruments® 96 well washer and Cellwasher

FinstrumentsMulti-function, easy to use touch programmable display. Performs 3, 4 or 5 wash cycles with selectable soak time for all wash cycles up to 5 minutes. Vacuum delay adjustment to increase times between dispensing.  Precise dispense volumes using vernier controls provide greater accuracy and verification than other more complex digital types.  Full 96 well wash head with angled dispense cannula for gentle washing of cells.  Low priming fluid consumption <1Ml.  Residuals after aspiration are as low as 5μL per well, however the head aspirate height can be set to any level allowing a large residual volume of liquid to remain after washing.  Wash volumes can be set from 20-400μL.  No lag time between washes, a three cycle wash is as fast as 6 seconds! Vernier controls allow the operator to fine adjust the volume to compensate for different viscosities of different liquids as well as to fine adjust the vacuum delay of aspiration for time dependent assays.  Finstruments washer incorporates a two place plate carriage which is manually operated from either the left or the right side of the wash head.  This allows one plate to be in a wash cycle while another waits on the carrier.  This alternate plate handling promotes a more efficient method of washing.  Can be used with various 96 well plate types by adjusting height. Onboard pump provides gentle dispensing and agitation, perfect for cell washings which overcomes the limitations of gravity feed systems. Optional 4 or 10 liter reservoir(s) and external vacuum/pressure pump are necessary, click here to complete system. Excellent value, easy user maintenance.  Perfect for small labs and 220 voltage. Made in USA. New with one year warranty, with expected user use for +5 years. All connections are color coded forfast and easy user set up.

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Finstruments® Washer/$4,795./266


Finstruments Washer/$4,995./266

Tecan PW Power Washer 96/384 Plate Washer Remanufactured

FinstrumentsThe Power Washer 384 (PW384) is setting a new standard for performance and application flexibility by combining ultra-fast processing of 96- and 384- well plates with excellent handling of cell-based assays in one compact research instrument. Optimized wash heads for simultaneous processing of either microplate format guarantee maximum throughput, reducing overall processing time to a couple of seconds. Software-controlled wash parameters such as dispense and aspiration speed. Vertical aspiration position and vacuum level allow fine-tuning of the Power washer 384 to all application needs. Automated cleaning procedures make the Power Washer 384 easy to maintain and ensure high reliability. Prodcut highlights include: High performance washer for 96- and 384- well microplates 2-in-1 solution combining two applications and two microplate formats in one compact instrument. Easy user-exchangeable wash heads guarantee optimum throughout in both 96- and 384- well formats. Simultaneous process.

A really great plate washer that comes with fifteen month warranty, line cord, manual and six days a week technical support for all remanufactured models. Complete system includes pump and 4 liter reservoirs. All connections are color coded forfast and easy user set up.

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Tecan Power Washer 96/384

Tecan Power Washer 96/384 Complete

Bio-tek ELx405 96 and 96/384 Well Plate Washers Remanufactured

ELX 405ELx 405 96, 96 UV, Magna and  96/384 Well Full Plate Washer. Bio Stack multiple plate processing available. The ELx405 is precise, fast and easy to use -- with its own innovative features (keypad display). Providing independent control of both dispense and aspirate manifolds for precise overfill washing and overflow protection in both 96- and 384-well microplates (flat and round) (96/384 model). This unique design washes both 96- and 384-well plates without the need for any hardware changes. With its slanted dispense tubes, full control of dispense and aspiration rates and unique x, y, z positioning, the ELx405 is ideal for cell-based applications too.
For those applications that use only 96-well microplates, the ELx405 Auto Plate Washer is an ideal choice for performance and value!  Many unique features lower background absorbance values and increase the signal-to-noise ratio of typical ELISA assays. 

Instrument Description and Capabilities via Hardware:

  • Independent control of the aspirate and dispense manifolds for precise overfill washing and overflow protection
  • Internal positive displacement pump eliminates the use of troublesome pressure delivery systems and allows the use of any size dispense reservoir
  • Built-in priming trough allows automatic manifold priming and rinsing during both operation and maintenance modes and eliminates the need for "blank" plates when used in automated robotic systems
  • Fully variable dispense volumes, flow, and aspiration rates provide "total control" of the washing cycles from a gentle cell-washing application to vigorous wash for high-binding assays
  • Built-in fluid flow, fluid detection, and vacuum sensing provide complete protection for unattended operation
  • Optional external valve module connects four reagent bottles with automatic switching between reagents (included on some models)

 Instrument Description and Capabilities via Software:

  • 75 programs
  • Link up to 10 programs
  • Precision ≤4% CV, when dispensing 300μL well
  • Pre/Auto Prime volume 1-999mL
  • 1-10 cycles/wash
  • Crosswise aspiration well
  • Fully programmable:
    • dispense height
    • aspiration height
    • aspiration delay
    • soak 1-600 seconds
    • shake and shake intensity 1-600 seconds
    • aspiration rate
    • horizontal aspirate and dispense position
  • External programming/downloading available through RS 232 serial & parallel port

    A really great plate washer that comes with fifteen month warranty, line cord, manual and six days a week technical support for all remanufactured models. Complete system includes pump and 4 liter reservoirs. All connections are color coded for fast easy user set up.

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Magna Model module/4 $2,895.

96 Well Model/3 $3,995.
Select Model UV module 96/384/3 $4,375.

ELX 405 Model with Biostack /1

Finstruments®  96 well Full Plate Washer Remanufactured
Finstruments 404A versatile plate washer and/or dispenser that aspirates from the top down without immersing the aspirating tubes in the well, ensuring overflow protection. 5 programmable protocols (keypad display):

  • Dispense volume: 100 to 999 microliters
    Wash cycles: 1 to 9
  • Soak time: 0 to 600 seconds between dispense and aspirate steps
  • Plate shaking low, medium, and high
    Full or empty plate at end of the wash program
  • Separate dispense, aspirate, rinse, prime AND maintenance functions
  • Precision dispensing and aspiration resulting in a maximum variation of 5% at 350μL. The adjustment for aspiration and dispensing can be controlled to 0.002 inches, ensuring low residuals (3-5μL) for most all plates. Automated height adjustment feature is standard. Precise and flexible soak times allow total control of the diffusion of loosely bound material into the center of the wells for removal in the next aspiration cycle. Plate shaking can help break up the boundary layer that forms. Dispense volumes and soak times are reduced, signal-to noise ratios are improved, and CV's between replicated are lowered. Low, medium, and high settings (8, 20, and 28 seconds) are provided. Easy to use with onboard software via with push button membrane panel, lots of features on board, the very best! All connections are color coded for easy user set up. Washer/Pump easily reconfigured to 220 Voltage.  If choosing a 220 Voltage pump, please choose with new pump (with additional charge).  Instrument systems come with fifteen month warranty!

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    P67138 Finstruments®  96 Well Plate Washer $2,295.  /12
    Complete Setup
    Finstruments®  96 Well Plate Washer Complete System/$3,225./15

    Molecular Devices SkanWasher 96 Well Plate or 96 1-20 Plate Washer Stacker Remanufactured

    SkanWasherSkanWasher 1 or 1-20 Plate Washer Stacker and model single plate are automatic 96-well microplate washers designed to give reliable, reproducible results, with no cross-contamination between wells, and no carryover from plate-to-plate. These washers incorporate flexible on-board software, handling most requirements.

    SkanWasher 96 Well Plate Washer has 2 inlets, one for buffer and one for rinse, with eight user-defined programs, and a special rinse program. The fluid pressure can be adjusted individually for each program, making it suitable for very gentle washing, as well as tougher, more turbulent washing features.


    • 8 user defined programs with 16 steps per program. Wash steps set by either time or volume (100-1000ml)
    • Versatile dispense-only function provides <4% CV dispense accuracy and precision across the plate at 50-350μL
    • Easy to maintain: preset factory rinse program and removable wash head
    • Wash head & manifold combined in one module, thereby reducing risk of contaminant growth
    • Unique double probe washing system provides maximum washing efficiency with minimal reagent consumption
    • Aspirate from top of liquids to avoid cross-contamination of wells
    • Easily-accessible wash head channels for easy cleaning
    • Motorized plate carriage, adjustable for flat & round bottomed plates
    • Quick-disconnect fittings - to avoid spills
    • Dispense accuracy at <4%CV at 350μL
    • Maximum soak time 180 sec.

    A really great plate washer fully remanufactured that comes with fifteen month warranty, line cord, manual and six days a week technical support.  All connections are color coded for fast and easy user set up. Can be used with 220 voltage.

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    SkanWasher Single Plate Washer/$3,495./3
    SkanWasher Single Plate Washer
     includes pump and standard reservoirs/$4,900./3
    SkanWasher Stacker for 20 plates click here/$6,995./4
    SkanWasher Stacker for 20 plates click here/
    includes pump and standard reservoirs/6

    Tecan Plate Washer 96 Well Full Head Plate Washer Remanufactured

    Tecan PW 96Microprocessor controlled Washer with separate aspiration and dispensing canula.  This washer is great with all types of round and flat bottom 96 well microplates. Onboard software provides up to 20 user programmable files, called by name or number(s). Select up to 9 wash cycles per program, each cycle can be identical or different from the previous. There are 3 wash modes; normal, bottom wash and overflow washing.  Soak time between cycles can be set from 1 to 600 seconds.  Software adjustable Aspirating Speed.  Software selectable variable bottom stop position so that the aspirate canula do not touch the bottom of the wells.  Our complete system Includes an onboard pump, line cord and six day a week technical support.  These washers are in pristine condition completely remanufactured by MTX.  We provide a one year warranty which includes any parts and or labor.  The complete washer system with pressure/vacuum pump and 4-10 liter or higher reservoirs comes with color coded tubing as well as colored connections with fast and easy user set up.

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    Tecan PW $2,600./12
    Tecan PW Complete with pump and reservoirs $3,800./12

    M96 Plate Washer
    M96 Full Plate Washer/Cell Washer and Dispenser. Remanufactured. Improve the accuracy of your lab, reduce user time and offer compatibility with this versatile washer. Automatic rinse feature initiates a complete rinse/cleanout. Internal sensors automatically profile your various sized microplates ensuring smooth operation. Human error is virtually eliminated, correct positioning is ensured, and wash cycle performance is at its best as a result of this automatic sizing feature.  Click here to see more on the operations. 

      Unique Plate Profiling
      Easy Block Clearing
      Independent Z Axis fill and aspirate are never cross contaminating
      Bi-Directional Interface for PC Control
      Positive Displacement Glass Syringe Pump
      7 Programmable Cycles, Shaking and Soak Times
      Lateral Aspiration "Supervac"
      Automatic Rinse
     Programmable Features:
     - Wash fluid volume 50-500μL
     - Soak time 0-999 seconds
     - Shake time 0-300 seconds

    7 wash cycle types-dispense/aspirate, superwash, supervac, superwash/supervac, dispense, aspirate, supervac only. Linking of four wash cycle programs with multiple program storage locations. Discrete plate profile for each wash protocol. Comes complete with one year warranty on all remanufactured models. All connections are color coded for easy user set up.

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    M96 Plate Washer/ $3,995./8
    Complete System
    M96 Plate Washer Complete System

    M96 Washer 20 Plate Stacker unit click here


    M96 Plate Washer

    Molecular Devices Aquamax DW4 . The AquaMax DW4 liquid handling system from Molecular Devices provides precise dispensing and thorough washing all in one instrument. The system handles a variety of plate formats for dispensing and plate washing—96-, 384- and 1536-well—and is the first to handle 1536-well microplate washing. AquaMax DW4 has been optimized to dispense from four different channels to accommodate up to four fluids.

    Unique Design:
    The AquaMax DW4 system’s small footprint houses a built-in vacuum and air pressure pump. No external vacuum system is needed. Each of the four separate reservoir bottles have their own fluid path to individual dispense heads, providing the system with the ability to dispense four different fluids into one microplate. A magnetic stirring mechanism is housed in the manifold to allow mixing of solutions in the first inlet reservoir bottle. (See Figure 1.) The system is robotic-compatible with a robotic-friendly plate carriage and accessible RS-232 COM port.

    The flexibility of the instrument is evident with the Windows®-compatible software. The software is bi-directional and allows the user to view what is currently on the instrument, as well as set up new programs. Row selection offers the choice to dispense from a few rows or the complete plate. The software provides for the adjustment of liquid factor and aspiration probe height to allow for low residual volume, as well as configuration of users and microplates.

    The system can be configured with up to four dispense heads and one aspirate head. The liquid handling system accommodates 96-, 384- and 1536-well microplate formats. The system has a separate set of optimized heads to handle each plate type.

    The AquaMax DW4 is a non-contact, fixed-tip dispenser and washer. The dispense and aspirate heads, working with the software, determine the configuration that ranges from 96- to 1536-well formats.

     1 Plate, Automation compatible
    Dispense Range: 1536-well format: 0.5-12 µL, 384-well format: 0.5-120 µL, 96-well format: 2.0-320 µL