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BMG FLUOstar Fluorescence
UV-VIS Fluorescence
 for top- and bottom- read assays $6,295.00

easurement principles for the wide range of applications

The BMG models are a fully automated microplate based multi-detection readers which incorporate various measurement principles:
  • Fluorescence (UV and VIS range)
  • Fluorescence Intensity FI
  • Time Resolved Fluorescence TRF
  • Fluorescence Polarization FP (some models)
  • User choice of Fluorescence filters included
  • Absorbance UV & VIS reading mode
  • User choice of Absorbance filter included
  • Temperature control and microplate-shaking
  • Adjustable bandwidth range
  • 96 and 6-384 well plate capability

By integrating a high intensity xenon flash lamp and liquid light guide technology, these models can cover the wavelength range from 240 to 740 nm in  96 well plate formats. Measurement Modes:  Wavelength: Range 250nm to 740nm wavelength range, with the option to  include up to 8 Excitation and 4 emission wavelengths with initial choice of 2 filter pairs. Measurement Time: 16 seconds for full 96 well plate reading.
Other Features can include: 6-384 well plate capability, Absorbance, programmable shaking, 25 to 45 °C incubation Polarization FP, Luminescence and Injectors



Temperature-regulated heating provide uniform incubation from 25 to 45°C.

Endpoint, slow and fast kinetic measurements

Kinetic applications with up to 250 kinetic points can be defined, with interval times from 100 ms to several hours.

Multi-color detection

The fast filter wheels and the ability to define up to 8 sets of filters, each with individual gain and measurement timing parameters, allow analysis of multiple fluorophores in a single well (TRF, dual-emission, DNA-detection).


BMG FLUOstar Fluorescence Reader

Measurement Principles

Fluorescence Standard
Fluorescence Standard with FI, TRF

Fluorescence Wavelength Range 240-740nm spectral range
Fluorescence Filters Two filter wheels can accomodate up to 8 filters total with 4 filter pairs.
Each with your choice of 2 filter pairs installed in instrument
Absorbance Filters
(model upgraded)
One filter wheel can accomodate 4 filters each with your choice of 1 filter installed in instrument
Gain Control Adjustment (model upgraded) Standard, FI, Time Resolved Fluorescence Mode
Absorbance Mode
Fluorescence Intensity
(model upgraded)
Limit of detection: 0.9 fmol / well fluorescein
calculated according to the IUPAC standard: 3(SDblank)/slope
Time-Resolved Fluorescence
(model upgraded)
Limit of detection: 50 amol/well europium
calculated according to the IUPAC standard: 3(SDblank)/slope


240-740nm spectral range
Dynamic range: 0.000-3.000 OD
Reproducibility: 0.030 OD for 2-3 OD range

Microplate Formats

96 well Fluorescence black plate

Reading Time Dependent on test definition
shortest reading time: 15 s for 96-well plate
Incubation Incubation range from ambient +25°C to 45°C
Temperature stability 0.2°C
Temperature gradient < 0.5°C
Shaking Orbital or linear shaking, user definable time and amplitude


LxWxH: 48 x 44 x 27 cm; weight 28 kg

Interface connections RS 232 serial & parallel port
Catalog # P21010 FLUORstar Model Remanufactured  
Catalog # P21012 FLUORstar (Model upgraded) Remanufactured  
Catalog # P21004 FLUORstar Galaxy Remanufactured
Catalog # P21006 POLARstar Remanufactured
Catalog # P21009 POLARstar Galaxy Remanufactured
Catalog # P21007 POLARstar Galaxy with 2 injectors Remanufactured
Catalog # P21005 NOVOstar

Warranty information:

Comes complete with line cord, NIST documentation and certification, 15 month warranty and full technical support.  

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