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Fluoroskan I Fluorescence
96 well Reader with 2 year warranty $1,995.



The Fluoroskan combines all the advantages of  fluorometric techniques with all the convenience of Microplate photometry.  In fields such as fluoromunassay (FIA), Fluoroskan offers extremely accurate measurements (down to 1 pmol).

The optical system comprises a phosphor-coated mercury lamp, lens, excitation filter, emission filter, semi-transparent mirror and reference detector.  This Fluoroskan uses the vertical path principal, it can be used with any standard 96 well microplate scanning from the top down.  Excitation wavelengths of between 330-380nm and emission wavelengths of between 430-530 may be used. This model Fluoroskan is supplied with an excitation interference filter of 355nm and an emission interference filter of 480nm as standard or your choice. 

Fluoroskan has two modes of measurement: an in-programmed absolute scale and a relative scale. The absolute scale has a range in fluorescent units from -9999 to 9999, while the relative scale gives results as a percentage of the reference, facilitated by Fluoroskan's ability for single well or single column blanking.
Comes with two year warranty from factory trained technicians.

Instrument Description and Capabilities:

Standard Fluorescence Applications Single well blanking
Top to bottom 96 well plate reader One filter pair
Filter Pair included 355/480nm
Absolute Scale Self-testing
Relative Scale Error messages
Range from nanomoles to picomoles of MU Protected keys

Digital Display

Low cost, high quality
                        Catalog #P21003

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Dimensions: 225H x 370W x 490D mm, Weight: 20kg, Electrical: 100/240VAC 50/90Hz 1300 VA MAX, Fuse: 2.5A 250V

Warranty information:

Instruments come complete with certification and documentation, line cord and six days a week technical support. New model with warranty.  High quality instrument made in Finland. Easily reset to 220 Volt.

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