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Finstruments® Fluoroskan Fluorescence Reader
from $4,995.00 uses PC Software
All new filter pair (your choice), parts and full three year warranty

  • High sensitivity, with sensitivity shown to detect 0.1 pmol
  • Versatile onboard software, upgraded electronics, and ability to add specialized application filters at a later date
  • Wide spectral range at 320nm to
    800nm with in-stock filters of choice
  • Top to bottom readings with 8 place filter wheels. Standard computer as well as printer interface
  • Various wavelength combinations to meet your specific application requirements. 
    Custom configured to your application with 1 set of filter pair included
  • Built-in temperature control  Ambient or 37°C
    (Catalog #P97054)
  • Suggested use with black full bottomed plates for top-to-bottom readings. Optimal use with black plates prevent cross-contamination

Instrument Description and Capabilities:

The Finstruments® Fluoroskan Filter Based Fluorescence Microplate Reader is an advanced 96 well microplate fluorometer. It is built to the highest specifications and can be used in the most discriminating research or clinical laboratory. Common tests include those used in newborn screening, determination of TSH, T4, phenylalanine, galactose, and biotinidase deficiency. Immunological, microbiological, biochemical and enzyme activity measurement can be performed with precision with this model. Fluorescence light is measured at a narrow angle; the excitation light source and the detector of the emission light are both located above the microplate. Filters are held in both the emission and excitation filter wheels. There are 4 positions on each filter wheel to offer the researcher a great deal of flexibility. The Finstruments Fluoroskan Fluorescent Microplate Reader is designed to read fluorescences from black or opaque fluorplates. In certain cases, transparent plates may be used.

The measured values can be read directly from the 16 character alphanumeric digital display. Extensive built-in software makes this a capable stand-alone instrument for the lab on a budget, however, simple, easy-to-use software Spectrosoft PC is available for purchase to greatly facilitate data collection and analysis. 

Instrument performance includes different operations such as calculation selection, several blanking possibilities, measurement time selection, and temperature selection with Spectrosoft PC Software or use standard PC software (included) download into excel.

Light source XENON lamp; wavelength range from 270 nm to 1000 nm 
Power consumption about 40 watts
Detector Photomultiplier tube; wavelength range 200-800 nm
Excitation wavelength range 1 of choice 320-700nm
Emission wavelength range 1 of choice 390-800nm
Excitation filter wheel
Filters are easily accessible and reconfigured to meet dozens of application requirements. 
(Hundreds of filter pair combinations available)
Fluorophore Reference Table 
(partial listing, see below)

Emission filter wheel
Filters are easily accessible and reconfigured to meet dozens of application requirements. 
(Hundreds of filter pair combinations available)
Fluorophore Reference Table 
(partial listing see below)

Operating temperature range of the environment when measured

+10º C to + 40º C

Temperature Control (Catalog #P97054)

Ambient or 37º C (if included)

Speed of operation

Selected with PC software

Microwell plate type-suggested 96 well black plates optimal to prevent cross contamination. 

Ordering information

Catalog #P97052 Remanufactured  no temperature control $4,995.

Catalog #P97054 Remanufactured
with temperature control $6,295.

Spectrosoft PC Control Software

Spectrosoft PC Software
Catalog #6723108

PC Interface

RS 232 serial & parallel port

Fluorescence Reference Standard Plate

Catalog #9705092

Dimensions: 225H x 370W x 490D mm, Weight: 20kg, Electrical: 100/240VAC 50/90Hz 1300 VA MAX, Fuse: 2.5A 250V

Warranty information:

Finstruments Fluorescence Reader that comes complete with line cord, manual, six days a week technical support!  Made in Finland, highest quality instrument. Easily reset to 220 Volt.  Additional filters can be purchased.  Easy operation with PC software, accurate and precision oriented reader.

ThermoFisher factory service trained for +10 years.
Sales, service and support since 1982.


Fluorescence Filters and Applications

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