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DeltaSoft PC

Deltasoft PC is state of the art microplate analysis program designed with powerful features and ease of use for microplate assays.  Deltasoft  will run under all Windows versions and can be used with Multiskan models, VMAX, EMAX, Thermomax, UVMAX and many other elisa plate readers.

Automated Template Setup

All template labels, transformations, and dilutions are centrally located in the template window for quick viewing and data entry. Sample and dilution series can be filled automatically. Dilution and transformation values, unique to each well, can be viewed alongside well IDs for cross-reference.  The spreadsheet like design allows for long well ID's that can be automatically filled in and edited as desired. Up to 10 assays can be performed on a single plate with the "toggle-on" segment options. Custom templates apply globally or locally to multiple plate files.

Multiple Plates

Using Deltasoft's unique multiple plate abilities, plate data from many plates can be combined, saved, and analyzed together in a single file. Data can be averaged from all plates or analyzed separately. New data can be easily appended to existing data files. Each plate has a specific template that can be easily duplicated for new plates.

Powerful Kinetic Analysis Capabilities

Deltasoft  has the ability to append kinetic reads. Long kinetic experiments can be interrupted and then continued as one kinetic plot. Raw data from each time interval can be viewed as a multiple plate file. Kinetic data can be converted to endpoint and vice-versa. This provides the opportunity to select the best experimental range for analysis.

Several available kinetic parameters including rate, max rate, 50% Value, Integral, Time to Peak, Peak Height, Avg. Response, and Delta Response. Zoom in on specific wells for ease of viewing and analysis.

Limit Reports








Several limit reports are available such as Control, Normalization, and Extended Limit. Up to four limits, 2 High and 2 Low limits, can be set to well IDs, formulas, or any other value.

Plot Standard Curves

Select from several curve fitting options, linear, and four-parameter curve fit. Interpolate samples from the standard curve.





Plot Multiple Curves

New overlay feature allows plotting of multiple standard, dilution/titration or cell growth curves on the same color coded graph report. Data points can be easily masked and unmasked to exclude outliers from the analysis on the standard graph.

Select from several curve fitting options.

Easy Protocol Creation

Creating and saving protocols saves research time. Every Deltasoft PC data file is saved with a template and a protocol file. Protocol files which include desired options for a particular assay can be named and saved separately. Multiple protocols can then be stored in your computer for easy recall and assay setups.

Versatile Import/Export Features

Import/Export features make it easy to open and save plate data in virtually any ASCII or tab-delimited format including files from spreadsheets, databases, and other analytical software.

Customized Reports

Customize your reports to include only the data you wish to see, in the number format you want. Sort data alphanumerical by well ID or the ascending/descending order of sample concentration.

Flexible Plate Definition

DeltaSoft PC is equipped to handle a variety of microplates; from 1 well to the high density formats of 1,536 wells.