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Delta Soft Microplate Analysis Software
(For Macintosh Computer Systems)

Detailed Kinetic Analysis

  • Real time kinetic rate data (optical density vs. time) for all 96 wells simultaneously is viewed, as it is generated.
  • Each well can be treated individually for calculation of rate. Single or multiple data points can be deleted in a single well.
  • Multi-tasking capability allows long experiments (lasting hours, or even over 24 hours) to be done - in the background if desired.
  • Absorbance or time ranges for data analysis can be selected before or after data is collected.
  • The FIND MAX RATE option allows the automatic determination of the interval with the maximum slope for each well.
  • Zoom in on a range of wells or an individual well for ease of viewing and analysis.
  • Calculate many optional kinetic parameters including Rate, Time to Max Rate, Time to Onset and 50% OD.

Data Analysis & Formula Transformations

  • Select from nine curve fitting options including linear, semi-log, log/log, log/logit, 4-parameter, spline, and point to point. Multiple dilution/titration or cell growth curves can be plotted on the same graph. Interpolate samples using a standard curve from a previous plate. Calculate sample concentrations with a complete statistical analysis. Use multi-level formula transformations to express values whatever way you wish. Display results in either tabular or plate format. For example, express your data as a percent of a control or compare it relative to a control.
  • Mask and unmask points easily to exclude outliers from data analysis.

Template Setup with Cut & Paste

  • Full Cut and Paste Capabilities are included in the newly designed template set-up. Enter long sample names, up to 11 characters. Define Standards, Blanks, or Samples in any pattern on the plate, including multiple experiments on a single plate. Enter multiple Dilutions for Samples including any desired dilution range. Well identifiers (A1, B1,...) for the plate can be automatically filled in and edited as desired. Protocol files which include desired options for a particular assay can be named and saved separately.
  • Store multiple protocols in your computer for easy recall and set-up of assays.

Design Your Own Reports!

  • Reports can be customized by selecting the columns in the tabular reports to include only the information you want and sorted the way you want. Select the number format as scientific, decimal or mixed. Use low and high limit or control selection criteria to print or display data in a tabular format sorted either in alphanumeric or ascending/descending order. Time to onset, time to peak, correlation coefficients for individual kinetic plots, or any of the kinetic parameters are available in tabular reports.
  • Orient or size the page for printing the way you want.

Versatile Import / Export Features

  • Export kinetic, endpoint, or multiple plate data in a variety of formats, including well by well format or 8 x 12 formats. Also export any calculated data, if desired.
  • Import kinetic, endpoint, or multiple plate endpoint data from previous versions of DeltaSoft directly or from any spreadsheet or other program as text files.

Easy Protocol Creation

  • Protocol files which include desired options for a particular assay can be named and saved separately.
  • Store multiple protocols in your computer for easy recall and set-up of assays.

Special Applications

  • View spiked and unspiked samples, amount of spike added, and calculated percent spike recovery for endotoxin testing.
  • Calculate effective dose for multiple cell toxicity and titre curves.