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Cell Washer and Elisa Washer

High performance plus simple operation especially designed for gentle and efficient washing of cells. Washing is performed with minimum loss of even suspended cells while membrane bound labels and cell integrity are maintained resulting optimal assay sensitivity. 

The Cell Washer combines high performance and flexibility with reliability, simplicity and ease of use. This advanced microplate washer meets the exacting standards of today’s assay requirements.

  • Gentle effective washing of cells in 96-well microplate
  • Adjustable aspiration height and strength.
  • Adjustable dispensing height and strength
  • Wash head has two dispense needles which spiral into the well creating a gentle vortex

Gentle effective washing

The Cell Wash is designed to wash plates in a manner suitable for washing adherent or lightly adherent cell monolayers and other cell-based systems. The needles dispense liquid down the sides of the wells to minimize cell disturbance.  Combined with the precision aspiration needle, this guarantees the most effective washing with minimum loss of cells.

Fully adjustable washing

The Cellwash, with its purposely built 8 channel wash head, is fully adjustable for washing volume, aspiration height, aspiration strength, dispensing height, dispensing speed and the number of washes.  The ability to adjust the height of aspiration needles and the aspiration strength enables minimal loss of cells from wells.  This gives you total control over all cell washing parameters allowing complete optimization of performance with your systems.  Using the switches, the plate can be left wet or dry after the final washing.

Technical specifications

Cell Washer and Elisa Washer
Weight 10 kg (22 lbs.)
Wash reservoir 2 liter
Waste reservoir 2 liter
Wash head 8 way Cellwash head
Performance Specifications Volume 0-375 µl in 25µl increments
No. of washing cycles 1-16
Residual aspiration volume <5 µl per well (flat bottom plate)
Aspiration height Adjustable
Dispensing precision CV 5%

Ordering information:

Catalog number Description
P16157 Cellwash 110-120 V AC/60 Hz Remanufactured
Parts & Accessories
CW018/48 8 way cell wash head
9741023 8 way EIA wash head
9741022 12 way EIA wash head
9741066 2 Liter wash or waste reservoir with cap
9741002 Tubing Pack