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Assist Stacker

Assist is an automated microplate handling device to help today's laboratories meet the increasing demands for greater microplate handling capacity. The compact-sized unit individually moves microplates from an input rack to an instrument's plate carrier to facilitate high-throughput performance.

Assist software initiates instrument operation. After completion, Assist retrieves the plate and places it into an output rack. This repeated process allows unattended runs and extra time for scientists to concentrate on more valuable tasks. Assist is designed to be used with many microplate readers and dispensers, offering a perfect match for high-throughput environments.

Handles 96- and 384-well plates and Deep Well Plates, also with lids

Assist handles most 96- and 384-well plates as well as Deep Well plates and other common microplates. Depending on plate dimensions, the basic model is capable of sequentially loading up to 20 96-well plates or  27 384 well plates into instruments. Removable racks of up to 20 plates allow easy plate transportation. Assist also handles plates with lids. It removes the lid prior to operation and then replaces it upon completion. This feature is important for preventing contamination and evaporation.

Additional capacity of 3 racks for up to 80 plates

With optional added capacity, up to 80 96-well plates or  108 384 well plates can be handled.

Easy plate configuration

Assist has been designed to allow easy configuration for different plate types. Several plate type configurations can be stored and recalled. This allows runs to be defined easily with different plates.

The Assist gripper can be equipped with portrait fingers or extended landscape fingers. The fingers are most suitable for microplates with straight side walls.

User-friendly software for versatile instrument use

The intuitive, easy-to-use Windows software allows Assist to be interfaced with various instruments. The software provides a simple interface that enables users to configure runs quickly. Runs can be saved and loaded for easy programming.

The Multidrop 384 interface allows complete control of the dispenser, plus features only available through computer control. This includes dispensing different volumes into each plate column or skipping some columns. With all Ascent readers, a predefined Ascent session can easily be run and the data or report sheet saved automatically. The Ascent Software's append function allows data from several plates to be saved in one file. In addition, each plate's data can be saved using a plate name and running number.

Bar code option

To minimize human error, optional bar code reader can be utilized. Each plate results can be saved using the bar code as the file name and a log file can be created which includes a list of all plate codes and time when the plate was processed. The Assist gripper can be equipped with portrait fingers or extended landscape fingers. The fingers are most suitable for microplates with straight side walls. As an option, bar codes can be utilized for plate tracking and file naming.

Autoloader for many instruments

Assist serves as an autoloader for the following MTX Lab Systems instruments:

Base unit         23 cm/9.1" (w) x 69 cm/27" (l) x 49 cm/19" (h)
Base unit with Multidrop 384 (footprint)         63 cm/25" (w) x 75 cm/29.5" (l) x 49 cm/19" (h)
Base unit with Fluoroskan Ascent, CF, FL or Luminoskan Ascent or Nepheloskan Ascent (footprint)         92 cm/36" (w) x 75 cm/29.5" (l) x 49 cm/19" (h)
Base unit with Multiskan Ascent (footprint)         82 cm/32.5" (w) x 75 cm/29.5" (l) x 49 cm/19" (h)
With added capacity option (footprint)         Add an additional 23cm/9'’(w)
Robotic arm reach:          
Rotary travel         330°
Overall reach         25 cm (10")
Beyond boundary of base         14 cm (5.5")
Weight of base unit         14.5 kg (32 lbs)
Plate capacity         Up to 20 96-well plates per rack without lids, 18 Cliniplates per rack without lids, 15 96-well plates per rack with lids, 27 384-well plates without lids
Product   Description
P97261   Assist 220-240 V
P97262   Assist 100-120V