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Fluoroskan Ascent Fluorescence CF (Cell Reading)
Fluorescence Microplate Reader
Equipped with UV-VIS Fluorescence
 for top- and bottom- read assays SOLD

The compact Fluoroskan Ascent CF is simplified and standardized to focus specifically on cell-based requirements.  Thus, the reader is ideal for applications such as reporter gene and cell adhesion assays, as well as cell proliferation and cytotoxicity assays.

  • Compact easy-to-use unit

  • High performance optics

  • Reads 1- to 384-well plates

  • On-board incubation

  • Highly visual Ascent Software

Proven optical design

Fluoroskan Ascent CF is designed for bottom reading allowing closer proximity to cell samples and therefore offers greater sensitivity.  High sensitivity is also ensured by using fiberless direct illumination optics.  This produces a sharply focused light beam, which prevents crosstalk and ensures accurate readings.  A choice of two beam diameter settings allows optimal readings of 1-96 and 384-well plates.

Diversity for fluorometric applications

PC Software enables easy-to-use assay setup.  Reporter gene assays are one important application area, these include green fluorescent proteins (GFP), which are widely used in cellular and molecular biology. Bottom reading of GFP-expressing cells ensures maximum sensitivity and allows a cover to be used for sterility.  The area scanning function of the instrument allows multiple measurement points to be read per well. In cell-based assays, it is important to guarantee reading of the entire well bottom, as cells do not always grow evenly.  Free selection or omission of any measurement points is possible.

Instruments come with 1 filter pairs of choice, manual, line cord and three year warranty from Factory Trained Engineers.  New PC software must be purchased separately.  Additional filter pairs can be purchased.

Technical Specifications:

Weight 20kg.
Overall dimensions 420mm (W) x 420 mm (D) x 220 mm (H)
Plate types: 1-, 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96-, and 384-well plates, as well as Terasaki and PCR-plates.
Maximum dimensions 90 mm x 134 mm x 25 mm.
Measuring Speed Minimum kinetic interval time 15 seconds for a
96-well plate
Shaker Orbital; speed 60-1200 rpm, diameter 1-50 mm
Incubator temperature range From RT (25ºC) +3ºC to +45ºC when ambient temperature is 25ºC
Optical Performance:

Excitation wavelength range: From 320 nm to 700 nm
Emission wavelength range: From 360 nm to 800 nm
Two filter pairs of choice Both excitation and emission filter wheels can hold a maximum of eight filters.  Other filters available for purchase.
Theoretical sensitivity: 20 fmol fluorescein/well in transparent 96-well Strip Plate
Dynamic Range: > 5 decades
Catalog # P21029 Remanufactured