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Wellwash AC

The right choice for fast, effective and reliable microplate washing

Designed for both routine and research applications the Wellwash AC washes microplates quickly and efficiently. 

The new-generation Wellwash AC microplate washer combines state-of-the-art performance with unrivalled flexibility.

Advanced performance

The Wellwash AC offers performance to match its list of advanced features. The precision of the washing procedure is excellent, even for small wash volumes. Residual volumes after the washing cycle are less than
3µl per well in the 'standard' aspiration mode. When the advanced 'sweep' mode is used, the values are generally 1 µl or below. To achieve the 'sweep' function, the wash head does not scrape along the bottom of the well but moves in quick steps across it. This avoids possible damage to the bound antibody or antigen layer.

For reliable performance, the highly effective twin-strip wash head rapidly traverses the stationary plate during washing. The design also provides the quickest and safest way to change the wash head, with a choice of double 24- or 16-way and single 12- or 8-way formats. The ability to adjust the dispense and aspirate heights ensures precisely controlled washing of more fragile coatings.

Easy and flexible programming

The Wellwash AC provides the features needed for developing, optimizing and testing assays. The straightforward and intuitive LCD menu-driven program allows easy programming and display of all wash parameters -- including dispense volume, buffer type, plate or strip mode, soak (and shake) time, dispense height and aspirate height. A total of 99 wash assay programs, each with up to 4 protocols, can be stored. The protocols can contain a complete wash, aspirate, dispense or shaking procedure and be linked together in an assay program.

Fully integrated orbital shaking

In an industry first, the Wellwash AC has an integral orbital shaker. Shaking during a soak period improves the sensitivity, specificity and precision of an assay. Shaking can also reduce the assay soaking time. The duration of shaking is programmable, and the shaking speed is optimized automatically according to the volume of liquid in the wells.

Advanced liquid management module

The Wellwash AC is a multi-buffer plate washer with a separate liquid management module. The system includes two 2-litre primary wash bottles, a 4.5-litre waste bottle, and a 1-litre rinse bottle that can also function as a wash buffer source. To optimize and secure wash buffer changes, switching is fully automatic with liquid purging. Unique and patented quick-release bottle caps house the liquid-level sensing system, which provides audio-visual warnings.

High reliability

To complement the reliability of the twin-strip wash head, the Wellwash AC has both a Rinse and a Stand-by function. Rinsing can be programmed by time or activated on demand. The Stand-by function partially flushes and 'parks' the wash head in the priming trough containing the wash buffer. In this way, it is ready for use immediately, with minimal buffer usage and no set-up time.

Maintenance, clean and transit modes ensure that regular cleaning, temporary shut-down and transportation are straightforward and as foolproof as possible.

RS232 Port

To ensure compatibility with robotic applications, the Wellwash AC has an RS232 serial port. This allows computer control and access to print program parameters.

Technical specifications

Wash heads: 8-, 12-, 16- and 24-way
Orbital shaker: 2 mm orbit, 800-1200 rpm
Programs: 99 (with up to 4 protocols each)
Reservoirs: Wash buffer 2x2 liter
  Rinse 1x1 liter
  Waste 1x4.5 liter
Weight: 13.2 kg
Dimensions:   Including bottle
  300 mm W 490 mm W
  430 mm D 510 mm D
  175 mm H 420 mm H
Power requirements: 100-120V, 200-240V, 50/60 Hz
Accuracy: 5%
Precision: CV < 3% (300 µl); CV < 5% (100µl)
Dispensing volume: 50-1000 µl in 50 µl increments
Priming volume: 5-100 ml in 5 ml increments
Residual volume: Typically 1 µl or less per well ('sweep' aspiration)
  Less than 3 µl per well ('standard' aspiration)

Ordering information

P67117 Wellwash AC New
P97002 Wellwash AC Remanufactured
WW007/1 12 Way Wash Head
WW007/11 8 Way Wash Head
WW007/6 1 liter bottle with Level Sense assembly and LS cap
WW007/7 2 liter bottle with Level Sense assembly and LS cap
WW007/8 4.5 liter bottle with Level Sense assembly and LS cap

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