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ThermoFisher iEMS 96 well Incubator Shaker
in 3, 6 place or 9 place models

Superior Temperature Control
These Incubator/Shakers are high-performance microplate incubator/shakers and can be used for any 96 well microplate-based assay requiring optimal incubation conditions up to 40° C.
Features include excellent temperature uniformity within the plate, and across the row. Unique orbital shaking efficiency, and improved sensitivity and specificity for Elisa assays.

Excellent temperature uniformity
These 3, 6 or 9 (96) well plate Incubator/Shakers have individual Thermal Microplate Holders encasing each 96 well microplate (clamshells).  To eliminate temperature gradients and edge effects, microplates are heated evenly from all sides.  This ensures the reproducibility of the assay wherever the sample is positioned on the plate.  Temperature uniformity of less than 0.3° C.

Efficient orbital shaking
For effective mixing, the Incubator/Shaker incorporates a powerful variable-speed orbital shaker.  With an orbit of 0.5mm and speeds from 400-1400 RPM in 250 RPM increments, the shaker motion ensures efficient mixing of even very viscous liquids.

Improved sensitivity and reduced incubation times
Superior temperature control and efficient orbital shaking dramatically increase the sensitivity of EIA assays, as well as reducing incubation times.  The detection limit of an HBsAg assay, for example, can be increased by a factor of two from 0.8 U/ml to 0.42 U/ml, simply by incubating at a constant 37° C.  Similar benefits apply to assay incubation time.  When the sample is incubated at 37° C instead of room temperature, the same sensitivity can be achieved in half the time.

The effective orbital shaking motion increases the detection limit by a factor of three, from 0.8 U/ml to 0.24 U/ml, after a two hour incubation.  Shaking reduces the incubation time by 1.5 hours.  Comes with unbeatable six days a week, three year warranty from factory trained engineers.  Iems models have been manufactured since 1986 in Finland with superior long lasting history.
Universal power supply, used worldwide.

  iEMS Incubator/Shaker
Temperature Control  
Temp range +14C to +40C
Incubation range Ambient +3C to +40C
Resolution 0.1C
Incubation time up to 48 h in steps of 1s
Warming speed <20 min from +24C to +37C
Accuracy 0.3C
Uniformity <0.3C across whole plate
Evaporation <2mg/h/well
Frequency 400 to 1400 RPM in steps of 250 RPM (5 speeds)
Amplitude 1mm (radius 0.5 mm)
Shaking time up to 48 h in steps of 1 sec
Interval time up to 48 h in steps of 1 sec

Catalog # P11220 New 3 place
Iems incubator/shaker $5,500.
Catalog # P11221 New 6 place
Iems incubator/shaker $6,500.
Catalog # P11222 New 9 place
incubator/shaker $7,500.

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