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Luminoskan Ascent

ThermoFisher Luminoskan Ascent

The Luminoskan Ascent, combined with powerful PC Software, handles a wide range of research, industrial and clinical luminescense applications with 3 year warranty!

  • Plate formats from 1 to 384 wells

  • Sensitive

  • Dynamic range - more than 9 decades

  • Optional dispensers - up to 3 can be added

  • Incubation and shaking

  • Powerful PC Ascent Software included

Instrument Description and Capabilities:

Excellent Flexibility

For maximum versatility and flexibility, Luminoskan Ascent reads a range of different plate formats, from 1 to 384-well plates.  The high-performance fiberless optics enables measurement sensitivity of less than 1 fmol of ATP per well, and the dynamic range of Luminoskan Ascent covers more than nine decades. For easy and accurate addition of reagents, up to three dispensers can be fitted on-board.  These dispensers allow precise delivery of reagents over an adjustable volume range of 5 - 1000 µl (not available with this model). For assays requiring sensitive temperature control, this Luminoskan Ascent has an on-board incubator.  Orbital shaking with adjustable speed and diameter ensures effective mixing and speeds up reaction times.

Powerful Ascent PC Software

Powerful Software allows easy assay optimization, flexible data handling and convenient report formatting. For flash luminescence reactions performed with acridinium esters or aequorin, for example, software supports simultaneous reagent injection and signal monitoring.  The ability to add reagents and take readings in any order allows for multiphase ATP and reporter gene assays.

Application areas of the Luminoskan Ascent

When combined with PC Software, the Luminoskan Ascent works well for all luminescent applications.

  • Reporter gene assays, such as:
    • Eukaryotic luciferase gene activity
    • Prokaryotic bacterial luciferase gene activity
    • Promega Dual-Luciferase Assay
    • Gene Activities with luminescent substrates
  • Immunoassays with luminescent substrates
    • Alkaline phosphatease, horseradish peroxidase, and others.
  • Cytotoxicity and cell proliferation assays
    • MIC, EC, ATP assays
    • Growth inhibition assays
  • Intracellular Ca2+ assays
    • Aequorin loading assay
  • ATP assays
    • Biomass assays
  • DNA quantitation
    • Biotin/streptavidin-linked chemiluminescent assays
  • Phagocytosis assays
  • Reactive oxygen assays
  • Microbiological assays
    • Antibiotic sensitivity testing
    • Hygiene monitoring assays
  • Enzyme assay
    • Connected assays via ATP
    • Assays with chemiluminescent substrates

 Technical Specifications:

Weight Basic unit 21kg (46 lbs). Maximum dimensions 90 mm x 134 mm x 25 mm.  Optional 3 dispenser add 3.5 kg
Overall dimensions 420mm (W) x 420 mm (D) x 340 mm (H)
Operating conditions +10ºC -- +40ºC, Relative humidity 90% max.
Warm-up time <15 min to rated accuracy
Detector Photomultiplier tube (PMT)
Spectral Range 270-670 nm
Measurement range 0.0001 - 5000 Relative Light Units (RLU)
Gain User changeable (300 - 1000 V)
Plate types 1-, 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96-, and 384-well plates
Maximum dimensions 90 mm x 134 mm x 25 mm.
Measuring Speed Minimum measurement time for 96-well plate, 15s
Sensitivity 10 amol ATP/well using flash reaction, white 384-well plate
Dynamic range >9 decades over whole gain setting area
Shaker Orbital shaker, speed 60 - 1200 RPM, ø 1-50 mm
Incubator From RT (25ºC) +3ºC to +45ºC when ambient temperature is 25ºC
Dispensers Optional 1-3 dispensers.  Dispensing volume
5-1000µl in 5µl increments, accuracy: ±3µl avg., precision: 5-15µl, <5%, 20-1000µl, <2%. Dispensing speed: 25 sec, 96-well plate, 5µl/well
Catalog #P30016 Luminoskan Ascent Remanufactured
Catalog #P30017 Luminoskan Ascent with one injector Remanufactured
Catalog #P30018 Luminoskan Ascent with two injectors Remanufactured
Catalog #P30019 Luminoskan Ascent with three injectors Remanufactured
Warranty information:

Comes complete with 110 Voltage line cord (easily reset to 220 voltage), manual, technical support and 3 year warranty!  Made in Finland,  highest quality instrument.  Easy operation with PC software, accurate and precision oriented reader.

ThermoFisher Labsystems factory service trained for +10 years.
Microplate Instrumentation Sales, service and support since 1982.