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Tecan Columbus 12 Channel Head 96 well Strip Plate Washer Remanufactured

Tecan ColumbusProgrammable 96 well washer with LCD display features 4 wash modes, 4 wash liquid channels, 30 user definable wash programs onboard with 60 steps per program. Standard 12 way head with 9 software defined plate types and adjustable dispensing speeds increase accuracy and versatility. Volume of solution dispensed 50-3000μL in 50µl steps for washing and 50-400μL for dispensing. Soak time from 1-999 seconds, on board software selectable dispensing, aspirating speeds, and bottom positioning, 4 rinse modes, and programmable strip selection. Accuracy CV:<4% over the plate, residual volume per well <2μL. Includes new pump, line cord and 6 day a week technical support. All connections are color coded for easy user set up. Eighteen month warranty on all remanufactured models.  A really great, dependable strip plate washer. New model sells for +7,000.

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Catalog # Instrument Description/Price/# in stock
Complete System
Columbus and Columbus Plus 96 Well Remanufactured $3,615./8

Bio-tek ELP 40 8 Way Head 96 well Strip Plate Washer Remanufactured

Bio-Tek ELP 40Accomodates full 96 well plate. 50-300μL
Use as 8 way strip washer. Speed of washing 105 second for 3 wash cycles. Membrane Panel touch control with selection of 75 wash routines, 1-9 wash cycles, wash volume, flow rate and soak times.
Wash methods include bottom washing, double aspiration and multi-speed/amplitude shaking. Liquid flow-through on-board pump 50-3000μL. Soak settings: 0 to 999 seconds in 1 second increments. Vacuum pump: 2 gallon (8L)/min (suction efficiency: 1 to 6 per well). In sequential mode, washer performs the first programmed step on every row you specify and then executes each succeeding step, row-by-row until finished. In Repeat Strip Mode, the entire program is performed on the first row of wells, then repeated on the next row of wells (Strip mode reduces carryover of highly concentrated samples). Programmable aspiration depth expands washer for cell based assays. Shaking amplitude and speed can be adjusted to allow for more intense washing. A really great plate washer for your small lab space.  All connections are color coded for easy user set up. Includes onboard pump, line cord and six day a week technical support for all remanufactured models. 60 day warranty! 

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Catalog # Instrument Description/Price


Bio-tek ELP 40 Washer $1,899.

Finstruments ®  EL 404 96 well Full Plate Washer, and 96 well Deep Well Dispenser Remanufactured
Finstruments 404A versatile plate washer and/or dispenser that aspirates from the top down without immersing the aspirating tubes in the well, ensuring overflow protection. 5 programmable protocols (keypad display):

  • Dispense volume: 100 to 999 microliters
    Wash cycles: 1 to 9
  • Soak time: 0 to 600 seconds between dispense and aspirate steps
  • Plate shaking low, medium, and high
    Full or empty plate at end of the wash program
  • Separate dispense, aspirate, rinse, prime AND maintenance functions
  • Precision dispensing and aspiration resulting in a maximum variation of 5% at 350μL. The adjustment for aspiration and dispensing can be controlled to 0.002 inches, ensuring low residuals (3-5μL) for most all plates. Automated height adjustment feature is standard. Precise and flexible soak times allow total control of the diffusion of loosely bound material into the center of the wells for removal in the next aspiration cycle. Plate shaking can help break up the boundary layer that forms. Dispense volumes and soak times are reduced, signal-to noise ratios are improved, and CV's between replicated are lowered. Low, medium, and high settings (8, 20, and 28 seconds) are provided. Easy to use with onboard software via with push button membrane panel, lots of features on board, the very best! All connections are color coded for easy user set up. Washer/Pump easily reconfigured to 220 Voltage.  If choosing a 220 Voltage pump, please choose with new pump (with additional charge).  Instrument systems come with fifteen month warranty!

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    Catalog #/Voltage Instrument Description/Price/# in stock
    P67138 Finstruments®  404 Plate Washer Complete System/$1,995./15
    Complete Setup
    Finstruments®  404 Plate Washer Complete System/$3,615./15

    Bio-tek ELX 50 8 Way Head 96 well Strip Plate Washer Remanufactured

    Bio-Tek ELX 508 way head strip plate washer that can wash both 96 well strips or full plates, volume range: 25 to 3000μL well. Dispense precision: <2% CV typical, residual volume <1μL/well, Soak Time: 1 to 600 seconds, processing speed: <130 seconds (3 cycles, 300μL/well).  Create, edit, delete and link up to 75 programs onboard from keypad.  Cycle and link up to 10 programs to run the most complex routines, Multi-user friendly; total programming control for complex research applications, yet easy to use for routine clinical work, Programmable shaking duration and intensity, Easy to use and maintain with built in maintenance programs and overflow wash/overfill protection, bottom washing and crosswise aspiration protocols.  See keypad display. The newest plate washer for Bio-tek, a top of the line strip plate washer, easy to use and program. All connections are color coded for easy user set up. Instrument systems come with fifteen month warranty!

    Comes complete with all accessories.

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    Catalog #/Voltage Instrument Description/Price/# in stock
    110 Volt
    Complete System
    Bio-tek ELx 50 96 well/$3,195./16
    220 Volt
    Complete System
    Bio-tek ELx 50 96 well/$3,195./16

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