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Dynex Opsys MRDynex Opsys MR 96 Well Microplate Reader.
VS 405-690nm Spectral Range. 
Installed 3 standard onboard filters 405, 450, 630nm or user's choice of filters. Provides flexible assay design and extensive data reduction for colorimetric applications. Available as a stand-alone unit or externally controlled by a PC and Windows® Revelation QuickLink™ software, the Opsys MR has features found on high-end instruments, including user-defined templates, one-touch access for most commonly used assay programs, and single, dual, or multiple wavelength reading. GLP compliant with on-board optics and electronics self-diagnostic tests, the Opsys MR saves 100 assays and 20 data files and allows multiple assays per plate.
Opsys MR — the affordable choice. Expect flexible assay design with user-definable templates, customized data conversion equations and more. Comprehensive data reduction is simple with a host of graphing options, including eight curve fit options and threshold analysis. Service is a snap with this modular design unit; unique engineering provides “plug and play” replacement of optics components. 
Includes NIST (National Institutes Standards & Technology) performance documented with an NIST calibrated and certified verification plate for plate alignment, linearity, filter installation, optical channel matching to ensure consistent results across all reading channels and photometric accuracy.
  One year warranty on remanufactured models. 

Catalog # Instrument Description/Price/# in stock
P97278 Opsys MR Reader (6) $2,995.
66799 Quick Link PC Software

Biorad Benchmark 340-750nm UV/VIS Spectral Range. Temperature Control and Shaking. Installed 3 standard onboard filters 340, 405, 450nm or user's choice of filters. Single/dual or multiple wavelength readings at 7; Endpoint, kinetic plate reads, plate shaking and incubation. Dynamic range -0.100 to 4.000 OD. Built-in onboard printer for data analysis, and expanded operations. Includes NIST (National Institutes Standards & Technology) performance documented calibrated and certified verification plate for plate alignment, linearity, filter installation, optical channel matching to ensure consistent results across all reading channels and photometric accuracy.  Includes line cord, PC Software, fully remanufactured, technical support and one year warranty.

Catalog # Instrument Description/Price/# in stock
  P97139 Biorad Benchmark (2) $2,995.


The Biorad Model 3550 UV Microplate Reader/Stacker automatic microplate readers are ideal for laboratories needing a multifunctional reader with superior optical specifications. The model 3550 Microplate Reader feature powerful on-board software- kinetic capabilities- and high volume and thermal capacities. Moreover- the model 3550 Microplate reader- with its 340 to 750 nm spectral range and high performance optics- is perfect for specialized applications requiring increased linearity- higher O.D. range- and a UV light source.

Flexibility for Diverse Analyses

The flexibility and multifunctional nature of the Model 3550 Microplate Readers makes them ideal for laboratories with diverse microplate analysis needs. Some of the features that make the model 3550 Microplate Reader perfect for comprehensive microplate analysis include:

- Powerful on-board software to collect date- analyze results- and produce reports
- High speed optics- on-board plate mixer- and special multiple reading mode to provide kinetic data collection
- Modular design to allow the additional of thermal- automatic stack loading- and bar code reader accessories.
- Dual functionality to operate either as an independent- stand alone unit or a computer controlled data analysis system.

Software combines the speed- sensitivity- and versatility of Bio-Rad's Model 3550 Microplate Reader with the advanced computing power of Windows compatible computers. The result is powerful microplate data analysis systems featuring:

Customized plate formatting. Any combination of samples- standards- controls- and blanks is permitted. The format can be partitioned to contain three sections with independent analyses.

Seven analysis reports. Raw Data- Absorbance- Limit- Matrix- Normalization- Positive Control- and Curve Fit reports are available.

Sophisticated curve fitting. A choice of nine graphical transformations is provided: linear- linear-log- log-linear- log-log- with both linear and quadratic regressions- and the Logit-log method. The mean- standard deviation and coefficient of variation are determined for replicate data points and the software accurately calculates the sample concentrations based on the standard curve.

Comprehensive data reduction. Dual wavelength subtraction and manual data removal are just some of the additional features that enhance the flexibility and power of your analysis.

Instrument Description and Capabilities:

Optical Photometric Methods: Single or dual wavelength readings
Spectral Range: 380 to 750 nm
Resolution: 0.001 O.D
Linearity: +/- 2.0 percent of full scale 0.000 to 2.000 O.D
Instrument Reading Time: 12.0 seconds
Filters: 405- 415- 450- 490- 595- and 655 nm
Filter Capacity: 6 filter capacity
Onboard Display: 80 x 16 LCD characters
Plate Mixing Duration: 3 sec
Instrument Dimensions
H x W x D inch  
Catalog #P97143 $6,995.

Multiskan Ascent   96/384Multiskan Ascent 96/384 Plate Reader

Multiskan Ascent offers superior photometric measurement performance for 96- and 384-well plates. This instrument reads the plate rapidly and can be connected to robotic systems for increased throughput in photometric reading.


Excellent optical performance for 96- and 384-well plates

The high-quality optical system of the Multiskan Ascent ensures excellent reproducibility, accuracy and reliable results. The unit is linear up to an outstanding 4 Abs. units with 96-well plates and up to 3 Abs. units with 384-well plates, eliminating the need to dilute samples. This saves time in obtaining sample results.

A recent validation study in a high-throughput (HTS) environment with 384-well plates showed excellent consistency of the signal across all wells in the plate (low intraplate variation). No bias was observed in the IC50 as a result of curves being set up in different parts of the plate or between two separate plates (interplate variation). A good correlation was also observed in two different experiments using the same group of compounds (low interassay variation).

Fast measurements

Multiskan Ascent provides not only extreme accuracy and precision, but also very rapid measurements: It takes only 9 seconds to measure a 96-well plate and only 20 seconds to measure a 384-well plate. These values can have a noticeable effect on a laboratory’s throughput.

Easy and flexible robot integration

Another feature that makes Multiskan Ascent ideal for high-throughput environments is its simple and easy robot integration. This unit is designed for integration, which can increase walk-away reading capacity to 20 or 80 microplates.

Optional incubation

An optional internal incubator can be included for assays requiring temperature control. Temperature can reach up to 50°C.


Optical performance
Wavelength range
340 nm -850 nm
Filters 8-position filter wheel with 405, 450, 490
and 630nm or filters of choice
Half bandwidth of filters 3-9 nm
Wavelength accuracy +/- 2 nm
Detector One silicon photo detector
Linearity (96-well plate) 0-4 Abs, +/- 2 %
0-3 Abs, +/- 2 %, 340 nm and 405 nm
0-3 Abs, +/- 2 % with continuous mode
Linearity (384-well plate) 0-3 Abs, +/- 2 %
0-2 Abs, +/- 2 % with continuous mode
Read-out range 0-6 Abs
Resolution 0.001 Abs
Accuracy +/- 1 % or 0.003 Abs, whichever is greater (0-2 Abs)
+/- 2 % (2-3 Abs)
Precision CV < 0.2 % (0-3 Abs),
CV < 1.0 % (3-4 Abs) stepping mode
CV < 0.3 % (0-2 Abs),
CV < 1.2 % (2-3 Abs) continuous mode
Measurement time 96-well plate     384-well plate
Continuous mode 9 s                      20 s
Stepping mode 14 s                    42 s
Optional incubation
Temperature range
Ambient + 4°C - 50°C
Uniformity +/- 0.8°C across the plate
Shaking Linear shaking , 3 speeds

Catalog #P97265

Demo Ascent

Catalog #P97262

Demo Ascent with Incubation $4,995.

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