Microplate Reader/Washer/Dispensers Instrumentation Sales and Service since 1982! 
In stock instruments customized, fully remanufactured with NIST Certification, and up to three year warranty.  We provide installations, repairs, sales, instrument training, service contracts, warranties and have full parts stocked.

We excel with serving/repairing/certifying Spectramax Readers, Tecan and all Microplate Instruments!

We throughly understand Microplate Technology, having sold and serviced over1 MILLION Readers.

Don't get short sited on low pricing.  Ready to ship and expert repair provided within 5 days!  

Ask us about Service Contracts and Instrument Services Repair, NIST Validation and Calibration certification. We can save your precious budget, aggravation, and we build relationships. We will beat documented pricing, and can double any warranty!

Microplate Instrument Repairs and parts for Plate Reader/Washer/Dispensers.
Service, Upgrades, Repairs, Filters, Lamps, and PC/MAC Software in stock.
All Microplate Instruments: Molecular Devices, Tecan, ThermoFisher, Biotek, Dynex, Wallac, Perkin Elmer, Perkin Elmer, Biorad, Anthos, Labsystems and all others since 1982! 
Emergency Service and estimates always provided 6 days a week!
                           Call 1.800.848.6474

We stock at discount:
Molecular Devices Spectramax models, VMAX, Gemini XS, Gemini EM, M5, Tecan including Spectrafluor Genios, Safire,  Genios Pro, ULTRA, Bio-tek including
µQuant,  ELX 808, ELX 800, BMG Lab Tech., ThermoFisher Multiskan, Labsystems, Finstruments, Anthos, Dynex, VWR, Titertek,
and other microplate products. One to three year warranty, NIST documentation and extended warranty provided, please inquire.

We repair at discount:
MTX certifies and verifies all its products meets or exceeds manufacturer’s quality specifications.  MTX remanufactured and repair services offers extended warranties up to ten years and repairs are given 6 month warranty.  We also offer continued NIST certification and validation. 
Located in D.C. area for service, NIST certification and repair for our local and USA Government customers. 

Services and Support:
actory trained service, support and parts on all  microplate readers in stock.  USA based one-of-a-kind company provides value and dedication to Microplate Reader/Washer/Dispenser Instrument users.  Providing full technical support and repairs, equipment upgrades, and state-of-the-art instruments.  With factory trained technicians and 29 years of experience, your lab is assured of continuous support, the best pricing, dependability, knowledge and accuracy. We can definately save your lab money and aggravation!